The Magical Tale of Santa Dust

    The Magical Tale of Santa Dust

    • Every child wonders . . . How will Santa find me? How will he know where I live?

      Begin a new family tradition this Christmas Eve with The Magical Tale of Santa Dust. A tale of two small children who sit eagerly by their window on Christmas Eve awaiting the arrival of Santa, only to be bypassed on his yearly journey. Saved by the antics of a giggling, bungling elf, and some magical dust, their Christmas dreams come true! Help guide Santa and his reindeer to your home with a sprinkle of magical Santa dust and discover the true magic of Christmas time. 

    • • Hardcover, 32 Page Jacketed Picture Book

      • Includes 1 Red Velvet Pouch of Magical Santa Dust

      • Storage case 

      • 10.5"H x 10.5"W x 2"D

      • Ages 3 years & up

      • ISBN:9780983366225

      Santa Dust is non toxic and conists of glitter & MAGIC!

      * Promotional offers available for bulk wholesale purchase

      Minimum Order: 12 Pieces