The Magical Tale of Birthday Dust

    The Magical Tale of Birthday Dust

    • Things get tricky when three cousins want to hold their birthday party on the same day. One wants to invite all girls, another wants to invite all boys and the third wants to invite all of her bears. A mysterious note and a yellow pouch of magic birtday dust ends up making their birthday a day to remember.

    • • Hardcover, 32 Page Jacketed Picture Book

      • a Velvet Pouch of Magical Birthday Dust

      • Storage case 

      • 10.5"H x 10.5"W x 2"D

      • Ages 3 years & up

      • ISBN: 9780692870174

      Birthday Dust consists of multi-colored confetti and magic!

      * Promotional offers available for bulk wholesale purchase. Minimum Order, 6 Pieces