The Magical Tale of Easter Dust

    The Magical Tale of Easter Dust

    • Two small children, on a treasure hunt in the woods, come upon a yellow pouch, and the most beautiful Easter egg they have ever seen. Sensing it’s magic, they decide to make one wish—to see the Easter bunny! On their way home, their wish came true, as the Easter egg develops a crack and spills magical dust that leads the Easter bunny and his treats to their door!

    • • Hardcover, 32 Page Jacketed Picture Book

      • Includes a Velvet Pouch of Magical Easter Bunny Dust  

      • Storage case 

      • 10.5"H x 10.5"W x 2"D

      • Ages 3 years & up

      • ISBN: 9780983366232

      Easter Bunny Dust is non-toxic and conists of glitter & magic!

      * Promotional offers available for bulk wholesale purchase. Minimum Order, 12 Pieces