The Magical Tale of Halloween Dust

    The Magical Tale of Halloween Dust

    • Halloween can be a little scary sometimes, but when you're faced with ghosts, goblins, and mysterious hands that aren't connected to arms—well, it can be much more than just scary—it can be frightening! Poppy and Peter found themselves in this very predicament, and had to decide whether it was time to face their fears or run from them. Perhaps some help from a small black pouch filled with sparkly Halloween Dust will be just what they need to chase the goblins away! Is the dust really magic or have Poppy and Peter become braver?

    • • Hardcover, 32 Page Jacketed Picture Book

      • Velvet Pouch of Magical Halloween Dust

      • Storage case 

      • 10.5"H x 10.5"W x 2"D

      • Ages 3 years & up

      • ISBN: 9780983366256

      Halloween Dust is non-toxic and conists of glitter & magic!

      * Promotional offers available for bulk wholesale purchase. Minimum Order, 12 Pieces